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Personal Submarine

The mysteries of the underwater world captivate our imagination, even for those of us who’ve never explored it in person. Observing marine life and the seabed satisfies our innate curiosity. Film and television documentaries convey powerful images and information. Unmanned devices now carry all manner of date loggers, sensors and cameras, enabling us to explore ever further and deeper. Yet nothing beats the sensation and unique experience you get from coming into direct contact with underwater life in all its glory.

General characteristics

  • Occupants

    1 pilot and 1 passenger

  • Maximum Operating Depth

    300 metres  (1,000 feet)

  • Autonomy

    up to 8 hours

  • Type

    dry, 1 atmosphere submersible

  • Classification

    Germanischer Lloyd

A shareable experience

Available in a 2-person version (a 3-person version will follow) for a shared journey into the depths of the underwater world.

Safety comes first

All critical systems have automated backups in place. A number of safety features come as standard and DNV-GL certification is, of course, mandatory. You can dive safely to depths of 300 metres (about 1,000 feet).

High technology design

Supported by prestigious research institutions such as IMARITeConsIPN-LasIT and INESC-Tec, its design incorporates the latest available technologies as standard.

Secure & comfortable access

With a very comfortable freeboard, by far the largest of its class, getting in and out is easy and safe.

Easy navigation & control

With a resident system that automates the most tedious navigation tasks and saves energy*, being captain aboard has never been easier.* Patent pending

Compact & lightweight

Compact yet robust and comfortable, this is the lightest submarine of its class. Measuring just 2.5 metres in length, 2.36 metres in width and 1.84 metres in height, it can be shipped in a standard container and easily stored in a regular yacht garage.

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